Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lavish Salon Ready for Prom!

On April 29 2012, I went to Lavish Salon & Spa in Santa Clarita CA to cover the busy day at the salon making all the ladies pretty for their prom. 

Jackie, the owner of the salon, is almost finish with her prior client making sure that she is all set.

One of Jackie's clients who is excited for the prom is Lauren and with her is her mom Dema. 

The ladies having a good time.

Jackie and Lauren giving us a smile as they know that they are almost done and ready for the prom.

Doing some final touches.

Lauren and Jackie just outside the salon.

And here is Lauren with her mom, Dema.

Here is Lauren all pretty waiting for her date for the evening.

 Lavish Salon and Spa is located at 25269 Old Road Suite K Stevensons Ranch Santa Clarita CA. You can contact Jackie at (661) 253-3483 for any inquiries.

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