Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lavish Salon & Spa Sponsors R.A.D. Experience

Lavish Salon and Spa celebrated it's 4th anniversary on September 24. 2011.

Lavish Salon and Spa is located at 25269 N. The Old Road, Suite K Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381.

As part of its 4th anniversary, Lavish Salon and Spa and Ryan Fadera of R.A.D. Experience joint hands to promote and help each other.

Here is Jackie Ganuza of Lavish Salon and Spa. 

Here are the family and friends that has been loyal and showing support from day 1. 

A party would not be complete without music. The party beat was powered by DJ Duffy

Here ist the store front. 

This is the salon's high-class amenities.

Aside from their unique service and hair products, they also sell other items like jewelries and bags. 

With Jackie, is the great team of Lavish Salon & Spa. 

 Here are some of the winners from the party's raffle draw.

 Jackie of Lavish Salon and Spa and Ryan of R.A.D. Experience.

Team Lavish Salon and Spa.

Some of the guests even asked to have a picture with the Lavish Salon and Spa sponsored drift car.

*** To see all the pictures from the event, please click this link.
(Photo credits: Richard Fadera and Nicole Sanchez)